Ranedis Pharmaceuticals | Ranedis Leadership
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Ranedis Leadership


William Claypool, MD

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Bill has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty-five years, initially at Searle and then at SmithKline Beecham.  In the latter company, he held various positions and eventually was Senior-Vice President and Director of Worldwide Clinical Research.  Bill was also the President, and CEO of Phoenix Data Systems before selling the company in 2008

Carrie Frey, MSc, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Carrie has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty years, most recently at Shire Pharmaceuticals where she was SVP, Corporate Planning and Program Management working across both the Specialty Pharma and Rare Diseases businesses.  Through her role at Shire as well as her previous positions at SmithKline Beecham and Adolor she gained experience in discovery, development, commercial, corporate, and operational aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and has a strong knowledge of the end-to-end pharmaceutical business.

Ivan Joseph, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Ivan was initially a commercial banker and then made his way into health care and pharmaceutical investing. He has also served in senior financial management roles in clinical data services companies including Phoenix Data Systems, BioClinica, and Numoda.

Denny Willson, JD

Co-Founder and Chairman

Denny has been In the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty years with previous large pharmaceutical company positions at Abbott and Rorer.   Additionally, he has served in smaller companies such as Cytokine PharmaSciences where he was CEO, a King of Prussia, PA – based company that was sold at the end of 2011.  He is currently the CEO of Women’s Choice Pharmaceuticals.